Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some Players Will Never Learn

Despite the fact that NFL commish Roger Goodell recently unveiled a tougher conduct policy, which resulted in a one-year suspension for Adam "Pac-Man" Jones and eight games for Chris Henry, some apparently didn't get the message.

Last weekend, three NFL players were arrested and two others could be facing some serious face time with the commissioner as well.

Cincinnati Bengals LB A.J. Nicholson, who's been in legal trouble since his college days, was arrested for domestic violence and subsequently released by the Bengals. Meanwhile, New York Jets CB and return man, Justin Miller, was arrested in a night club for allegedly punching a woman in the face.

Not to be outdone, Denver Broncos wide receiver David Kircus was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault at a weekend party. Throw in Michael Vick and his dog fighting mess, the report that Henry may have failed another drug test and you can see that Goodell has his hands full.

It will be interesting to see what he does now?

Chicago Bears DT Tank Johnson will know his fate soon and if Henry did fail a drug test, he could be gone for a long, long time. Miller and Kircus will most likely be handled by the union and face a game or two suspension.

The interesting decision for the commish will regard Vick. If the dog fighting allegations are true, coupled with his previous troubles, how far will Goodell go when faced with the suspension of a superstar player? Here you have a first round draft choice who's been in the media spotlight since his days at Virginia Tech.

If Goodell backs down on him, it would send the wrong message to the rest of the league and it's fans.

In the long run, no matter how tough Goodell gets on conduct, some players are just too immature, don't care or just plain stupid. In this modern era of the game where young 20-somethings get instantly rich, even though mentally they may not be able to handle it, you can expect to see more off-the-field incidents making headlines in the near future.

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