Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Informant Says Vick a Heavyweight in Dog Fighting

The case against Michael Vick and his involvement in dog fighting got much stronger over the Memorial Day weekend when an unidentified informant told ESPN that Vick is a heavyweight in dog fighting circles.

The source, who has been breeding pit bulls for 30 years, told "Outside the Lines" that Vick fights pit bulls and "He's one of the ones that they call 'the big boys': that's who bets a large dollar. And they have the money to bet large money. As I'm talking about large money -- $30,000 to $40,000 -- even higher. He's one of the heavyweights."

If this informant is telling the truth, and apparently he is, Vick will most likely stand trial. Dog fighting is a felony in the state of Georgia.

Staring with the Ron Mexico incident, followed by the middle finger salute to the Atlanta fans, the airport water bottle fiasco and now this, Vick is learning the hard lesson that character goes much farther in life than athletic ability.

And while I disagree with almost everything PETA does, dog fighting is sick, cruel and has no place in modern society. Getting your kicks out of watching dogs tear each other to bits is neither entertaining or sport - it's cruel and unusual punishment.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to play the waiting game before any action can be done. You're still innocent until proven guilty in this country and the NFL can't really do anything until the case against Vick has been proven in court.

The lasting damage has already been done. Vick's image has been damaged to the point where he may never get it back. He was one of the brightest stars in the NFL just a few short years ago. Now he's a black eye to the league.

This is another example of an athlete who thinks he's above the law and beyond reproach. It's a hard lesson that must be learned. And Michael Vick will have to pay the price.

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