Monday, March 20, 2006

Back and Better Than Ever

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Certain personal issues came up that I had to deal with, but now I'll be devoting full-time to this blog and my other internet endeavors.

In addition to my football columns, we will now have articles on coaching, drills, training and news sections - all football related. Staring next week, Carson's Corner will conduct two podcasts a week.

One will be on coaching football - in particular youth football, and the other will be on the latest football news from the colliegate and pro ranks and my take on it. I think you'll find both infomative and interesting.

Here at Carson's Corner, we pull no punches. It's my opinions dished out piping hot. Sometimes some swearing will burst forth. If you're easily offended - don't listen. It's my blog, my podcasts and I believe in saying what's on my mind.

In closing, I really hope you enjoy it and drop me a line from time to time - even if you don't like it. Let me hear from you. I started this blog because I'm a football fanatic and I love to write. Those two combined make me compelled to do this. Enjoy!

Take care. Talk to ya soon!

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